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The Perfect Mix

Promoting your children’s book + involvement activities = A fun learning experience


Students will be able to learn the basics of how to create a storybook


  • Examples of illustrated books for children

  • Game cards with pictures of Character, Setting & Event. Attached are some samples that I made. To make them more durable it helps to laminate them.

  • Introduction 

  • Begin by talking about illustrated books for children and have them share some of their favorites.


  • Have students brainstorm ideas for their story. Encourage them to think about what kind of story they want to tell.  Encourage them to create characters for their story.

  • Have students brainstorm ideas about setting. Where is your story taking place?

  • Have students brainstorm ideas about events. What will they be doing?

  • Have students play card game to reemphasis the terms Character, Setting and Event.

Sharon Moore - Cards
Download PDF • 741KB

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