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Sharing Your Talents With Others

As we embark upon a new year, many try to embrace the quest to make it better by developing their own resolutions. These specific goals can help to improve life various ways. Some common resolutions include striving to lose weight, efforts to get out of debt, or to possibly become fit by exercising more. Developing a plan to obtain these goals, helps to make our New Year resolutions even more obtainable.

I have not officially made my list of New Year resolutions for 2023. However, for a while now, I have had a vision to impact my little part of the world by creating and sharing a message of love and fun through the creative arts. The Eden-Gallery blog shared that "Creative arts are a form of expression not bound by language. They involve skill, imagination, and inspiration. The creative arts have been around for centuries. They are often associated with the human mind and creativity. The creative arts can be found in many forms such as literature, painting, photography, music, dance, theatre, and cinema among others."

The creative arts that I have embraced the most are music, literature and painting. With my violin, I visit 3 local senior care facilities on a regular basis. I play accompaniment music to the sing a-longs, I share special violin solos, as well as help out with a weekly chapel service.

In the category of literature, I am thrilled to have 3 published books. One is a book of poetry and the other two are books for children. This has been such an incredible journey, to actually see these dreams become a reality. I am truly grateful to God for putting two very special people in my life to make this happen. My illustrator - Valeria Leonova and my publisher - Keith Adkins. They helped to turn my words on paper into stories that are now tangible to share. This is an adventure I will strive to continue, as I even have more in the pipeline for 2023. Another writing endeavor that I have recently started, is what you are reading right now and that is to share a blog post at least once a month. It is a way to help share in more detail things that I have been learning, what projects I am working on and events that I am involved in.

Sharing through the creative arts is something I enjoy very much! I also like to paint pictures of nature, which I am able to share reprints of in my Etsy store. Each of us have our own special gifts and talents, that might be completely different from what I just shared. However, the important thing is to take what you love and share it with others. Erma Bombeck shared "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single drop of talent left, and I could say I used everything You gave me." May we all find what we love and then take an extra step and share it with others. It will bring purpose to your life and joy to those around you.

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