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Bible Jeopardy For Kids

Kids Bible Jeopardy
Download PPTX • 359KB

I created this game with a template that I found many years ago. I did not make the template, but I did change all the questions to be a fun, easy way to review the bible.

It is simply a PowerPoint file that can be used on your personal computer, or on a large screen, for lots of children to see.


  • Download the file.

  • Hit slideshow mode on the menu bar.

  • Hit run slideshow from the beginning.

  • After Alex introduces the categories have a child pick one, you might encourage them to say something like - I'll take Creation for a 100.

  • Next click to open.

  • Child gives an answer to the question on the screen and then you click again to get the answer.

  • To get back to the Jeopardy board, click in the bottom left corner. There you will see a box that is a lighter shade of blue.

  • Continue until the game is complete, while having someone keep track of the score.

You will want to practice this ahead of time and figure out how to divide groups of kids into 3 teams. The team with the highest score wins!

Have fun and if you enjoy this. be sure to get on my e-mail list for more Sharon Moore Fun activities.

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