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SharonMooreFun - Updates & Outreach

So much has been happening, that I thought that it was about time that I gave you an update.

  • Semi-Retirement

Turning 65 actually does have some perks. I am now in a semi-retirement program at COOK Medical, which gives me more time to be with family and to focus on developing and sharing more of what I love. Oh, and by the way we have another grandbaby on the way! That makes number 3, with this one being due in October.

  • Books

I am extremely excited about my newest book - If You Could Be Anything. My illustrator - Valeria Leonova did such an amazing job as this book helps kids use their imagination to be anything they want to be. It starts off with pretending to be like animals on sea and land and then transitions into careers. But the main point of the story is to find what you love and be the best that you can be.

I will soon be publishing a new version of my poetry book. The title is Turning Your Frown Upside Down. This new and improved version has three additional poems from yours truly. Plus, I am wanting to add to all of my books a forward that shares that 25% of my profits will go to a relief agency:

I felt the need due to people I have come to know, who are affected by the crisis.

  • Outreach

This is an area that hope to expand the most. In my outreach I try to expose children to the creative arts. For example, attached is a clip of me playing Rockin' Robin on my violin.  I also share my stories, artwork and echo sing a-long songs. My dream is not to just come and entertain, but to help children learn and grow in the creative arts.

So, stay tuned Sharon Moore Fun | Creative Arts Outreach is expanding in ways I never dreamed possible.

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