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Holy Moments

In one of my favorite podcasts – Chris Fabry Live, the topic for the day was Holy Moments. I got to hear some great examples of when God made His presence known in a special way. Some were somewhat humorous, while others were special ways in which God was with them during a difficult time. Plus, some were just like the title implies; a quick answer to prayer – a moment in which God was with them.

This got me to thinking about what my “Holy Moments” have been. There have been many special ones. The moment I found out that I was pregnant after years of infertility treatment, is most likely at the top of my list. However, the most common ones are things like:

· Reading a devotion or scripture and the words jump out at me.

· Listening to a podcast or sermon that hits me right where I am at.

· When the words of music and the melody come together in a special way that touches my heart

Recently, it has been music that has been at the forefront of my Holy Moments experience. While attempting to make dilators at the medical device company that I work at, I was listening to music in my wireless earbuds, and the most beautiful song came up entitled, Let Your Faith Be Stronger Than Your Fear (Tom Trenney, Beckenhorst Singers). I almost lost it! The words and the beautiful arrangement blew me away! I knew this was so special that it had be shared. I was first able to share it at a senior care facility. Every week I go and play my violin as accompaniment. However, sometimes the chaplain needs a substitute, so I help give the message. In correlation to my message, I shared the audio version of this song to help them know that God is with them, especially with their health issues and even as they approach their final days. I also bought a copy of the choral version of the music and gave it to our choir director at church. We are so blessed, because our church choir is filled with amazing musicians, with some being part of the Indiana University School of Music. Last Sunday they presented the song, and it turned out to be a true blessing to everyone in the choir and the congregation. It was almost like the sermon before the sermon and most of all, I think it was a Holy Moment for many.

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