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A Precious Gift

As a mother, I became especially proud when my daughter-Megan, handed me a piece of artwork which was totally inspired by her own thoughts. The picture below is one such example. To me it screams out masterpiece, as well as spurring my own thoughts to aspiration of Christmas yet to come.

I'm not exactly sure what to expect in Heaven, but I have heard and read enough to form some yearning desires and perhaps hopes for the future.

Christmas in Heaven will be unlike anything we could experience here on earth, due to such incredible aesthetic beauty. Most everyone who has stepped foot in a church has either seen an artist's rendition of Heaven or has heard in lessons about the streets laden with gold, the white pearly gates and perhaps the host of heavenly angels. I am sure that the beauty will far surpass our wildest dreams. I even once heard that our senses will be in for a wonderful treat. Food will taste better, colors will be more stimulating and the sounds of music and such, will be of great delight to hear.

As I look at Megan's picture, my own dreams include getting to party with the angels, as well as with all my friends and relatives who are already there. I hope to perform in the most beautiful orchestra of all - where sounds of praise will truly reflect my gratitude of thanks and I have the hope of being overwhelmed with pure love and indescribable joy.

So, as we approach another Christmas season, let us continue the traditions we hold so dear here on earth. Yet also, dream towards the future and consider the last verse of the Christmas classic - Away in a Manger. For in it we sing, "Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care and fit us for Heaven, to live with Thee there."

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