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There's a Song in My Heart

Back in the summer of 78'& 79', I had the wonderful opportunity to go on tour as a 2nd violinist in a group called Continental Orchestra. After learning the music at rehearsal camp, we got on our tour bus and went from church to church and presented an hour-long program. Plus, we had the wonderful opportunity of doing 2 weeks of international touring. In our program, we did some praise & worship medley's, from their prerecorded albums -

Come Bless The Lord & Come Love The Lord. I love that I still have many of those songs as a treasure in my heart. In my devotional today it shared that Paul & Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, while in prison. I have never had to do that. However, I have experienced times of trouble and singing these precious songs (even as a quiet prayer) has brought me peace.

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