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Nurturing wonder, empowering young voices, and fostering imagination.

                    Coming Soon

So very excited about the progress of my next book. It is the story of a little girl dreaming about what the birth of Jesus was like. It is called That First Christmas Day, and it should be available in October.

This is my amazing Illustrator - Valeria Leonova! When we started working together she lived in Ukraine. Now she and her husband & son are safely living in England. Her life has been hard these past few years, but she continues to do amazing work. The picture that she is working on is an illustration from our first book - The Sparrow Family.

The Frog Pond

Join Herbie, Fergie, and Gerdie as they become young frogs, and help children learn invaluable life lessons. Plus, this is a fun, interactive book. Your kids will love doing the Froggy Hoedown & a special - Froggy Cheer!

The Sparrow Family pic.jpg

The Sparrow Family

Meet the Sparrow family. Watch them grow up and arrive at the most important moment of their life: learning to fly. Facing their fears, the chicks leave the nest on a wing and a prayer and imitate Mom and Dad.

Your Frown is Upside Down

Throughout the years I have enjoyed writing poetry.  They are very unique in that some tell a story, some will give you hope in the midst of despair, while others will warm your heart. Plus, there are some that are truly created to help -

turn your frown upside down!

Poem Book pic.jpg
Holding Book_edited.jpg

Linda the Ladybug Goes
To Heaven

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Come take a tour of Heaven through the eyes of an inquisitive ladybug name Linda, in my book entitled - Linda the Ladybug Goes To Heaven.  If you have a little one who is having a hard time dealing with the loss of a loved one, this could help.

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